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Trip to Bhutan – Class 8

30 July 2017 - 8 August 2017

Full of beautiful, amusing and educational experiences, our trip to Bhutan was an unforgettable one!

We visited Thimphu, Punakha and Paro and each place offered us great exposure to Bhutanese culture.

One of the best learning experience was the interactions we had with students of Bhutanese schools. We visited ELC High school, who’s motto was ‘EDUcaring for universal happiness’. Their first priority was teaching students how to be an admirable and responsible citizen.

We also visited the paper factory, Buddha point, textile museum and had multiple treks of considerable distance but after completely wearing ourselves out, we enjoyed delectable burgers at Burger Point near our hotel.

All our treks at last came handy when we went for the 5 hour long trek to Tiger’s nest. Climbing up was a task but as we approached our destination, we passed a waterfall and the cooled air made us forget about how exhausted we were. The tiger’s nest was a beautiful temple perched on the cliff that overlooks a part of the Paro valley.

Our last visit was to the Royal Academy School. A friendly basketball and Soccer match followed by a lesson on Bhutanese etiquette and authentic Bhutanese lunch gave everyone a feeling of warmth and oneness! We even learnt that the Bhutanese students also shared our love of Bollywood.

As we said goodbye at the Delhi airport, we all knew in our hearts how immensely we would miss this trip. We had come with not only everlasting experience but also with clean air in our lungs!

By Anahita Kukreja

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