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Voices in Vasant Valley

18 August 2017

This is an initiative conceived by students of Vasant Valley School to inspire leadership and encourage cross-cultural exposure amongst students, via interactions with thought leaders and achievers.

The speakers are as following
1. Gautam Gambhir
2. Suchita Salwan
3. Anahita Dhondy
4. Ankur chawla
5. AS Dulat
6. Shreya singhal
7. Prakriti Poddar
8. Susan Hunt

The Voices in Vasant Valley took place in school on the 18th of August 2017.
Gautam Gambhir spoke about the importance of self motivation and originality that took him forward through the course of his successful career.
Susan Hunt spoke about the various camps and summits that had to be visited in order to finally their destination. She spoke about her unique experience that revolved around team spirit. It was an adventure of a lifetime!
Shreya Singhal spoke about the misuse of Section 66A which curbed the freedom of speech of the masses. She spoke about the hardships she had to endure in order to eliminate this Section.
Head chef of the famous restaurant Sodabottleopenerwaala, Anahita Dhondy spoke to us about her career in the field of culinary arts and the struggle to be recognised as a worthy female cook in the kitchen.
Founder of LBB, Suchita Salwan spoke to us about her various mentors and how they took her forward as the successful entrepreneur that she is today. She shared with us the various quotes that inspired and impacted her career greatly.
Ex- chief of RAW, Mr A.S. Dulat gave us an insight on his various political views.
Hypnotherapist, Prakriti Poddar spoke to us about the power of the mind and its never-ending strength.
Ankur Chawla, a survivor of 26/11 shared with us his personal experience and the horrifying terrors he witnessed.

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