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Voices in Vasant Valley – 2015

20 August 2015

Voices in Vasant Valley
On the 20th of August,2015 we all changed forevermore. Not just in the way we think but the way we interact and project ourselves. The eight speakers, who spoke to us were all from different fields each one with something unique to say and put forward. This ensured that in some way every student would leave with something valuable that they can carry with themselves for years to come. The speeches will resonate in our minds and guide us for we are yet to undertake the journey that every speaker who spoke has.
Addressing Classes 9 to 12, the impact of these’ Voices in Vasant Valley’ event has been very personal. The speeches gave us an idea of what is to come, for each and every one of us. But what truly grasped our attention were the stories that made the speakers reach where they are today. We claimed a newfound perspective, generously gifted to us by the speakers who voiced their views for us to understand and analyze.
But the question still lies in front of us. We have heard what had to be said and we have been implanted with words that were born through past experience. Yet how are we to utilize it? This lies entirely upon us. And to be honest, It is not completely clear yet but I know that somewhere years and years hence these echoing words will fuel us when we truly need them to. I would like to thank every speaker. Thank them for being the Voices in Vasant Valley this year.

Video Recording – Part 1

Video Recording – Part 2

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