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23rd Inter House Western Music Competition

19 May 2023

On the very last day of school before the summer break of 2023, as is custom, the Inter House Western Music Competition was held – a truly unforgettable event that set the right tone for the holidays.

The solo category was the first one of the competition, with Blue taking the lead in one of the closest and most difficult decisions taken by the judges. Though all four houses sang exceptionally well, blue was followed by Green and then by Red house, with the average difference in points being less than 5!

After that we witnessed the duet category, in which yellow snagged first place with an amazing rendition of Shallow. Green house again took second place with their performance of Hallelujah, just a couple of points ahead of Red house, again in third.

For the instrumental category, the performers played across varying range of styles, from Santana to Metallica. The first position in the instrumental category was won by Red house, keeping their theme to a Mexican-cuban feel via Havana and Smooth. The runners up for this category were Blue house, which was followed by Yellow.

And finally, for the group song category, Green house swept the stands with their amazing performance of Sweet Caroline, with the entire crowd singing along with them. Second place in group was secured by Yellow, and third by Blue, each house stirring the crowd with their Elvis Presley Mascots!

Then, the moment that we were all waiting for – the final results. The performers all swept the stage when it was announced that overall Red House had secured first place, Yellow house had secured second and Green house had secured third!

All in all, the Inter House Western Music competition presented a chance for us to show our skills, learn about our fellow students, and just have fun.

Overall Results

1st – Red
2nd – Yellow
3rd – Green
4th – Blue

Sr. No. Categories First Second Third
1 Solo Blue Green Red
2 Duet Yellow Green Red
3 Instrumental Red Blue Yellow
4 Group Song Green Yellow Blue

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