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Laissez Faire – 2023

21 July 2023

The 2023 edition of Laissez Faire consisted of four events wherein 18 schools across NCR participated.

The Quiz tested the participants’ knowledge in spheres ranging from politics, sports to cuisine and much more.

Meanwhile, students had to collaborate with their peers to produce a unique product pitch in the “What an Idea Sirji!”.

“There is a little bit of ‘sale’ in everybody’s life” engaged participants in an assortment of innovative games designed by the students of grade 11 that tested their knowledge of economics and business affairs.

The fourth event “Jiyo Sar Uthake”, allowed participants to showcase their awareness of social and political issues by enacting a skit based on an assigned prompt.

Click here to read the “An Economic Paper” (Bizarre_Bazaar)

Click here to view the results of the Laissez Faire – 2023


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