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Students from The Tibetan School, Majnu ka Tila visited our school

10 September 2013

It was a very exciting day and I loved it. Today was the day when some teachers and children from the Tibetan School at Majnu Ka Tila came to our school. The children were given mentors from class 4 and 5 and were with them through the day. After breakfast,they spent an hour in our classes participating in the learning, doing dance or Math.

Class 5 was having ‘Just a Minute’ in Hindi as a part of their Hindi week celebrations so they saw us in action and also introduced themselves.

Then the Prefects took them around the school. They took pictures of the areas they liked the best. Soon it was time to visit the Technology Lab –They used the Photo editing tools of to create photo effects. We all enjoyed this activity.

After lunch we all collected in the Class Act area and got a glimpse of each other’s dances and music styles. It all ended with reflection time and some of the heartwarming comments were,” It was the best day ever as I made new friends.” -“My mentor was very nice.” – “I enjoyed working on the computer and sitting in the air-conditioned room.” The photographs they had added effects to were presented to each of them as mementos.

To sum it up…It was an experience worth cherishing.

Tia Goculdas – Class 5

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