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Visit to the Aaj Tak Studios

12 December 2012

On 13th December 2012 we visited the India Today Group Mediaplex ( Aaj Tak Studios). The 4 channels that are telecast from here are ‘Aaj Tak’, ‘Dilli Aaj Tak’, ‘Headlines Today’ and ‘Tez’. As we entered the mediaplex we were astounded by its size and the colossal screen that welcomed us with the “breaking news”.

On our visit we learnt the functions of the media and also about the technologies developed to give special effects. After a brief discussion we went to the first floor and were shown a live telecast and some of us even came on television behind the woman who was being interviewed. We also got a chance to visit the studio of channel ‘Tez’ where we learnt about new techniques used by the media. We saw a green cloth known as the ‘Chroma Wall’ where the background behind the reporter can be changed to any graphic as per requirement. This technique is used a lot for weather forecasts. We also saw a teleprompter which is a display device. It is placed below the camera and prompts the anchor about the text of the news to be read. It is controlled by the anchor with the help a foot pedal. Another method commonly used here is a ‘voice over’ which is a recorded voice that is played back like a commentary on the scenes flashing on the television screen. Next came the Production Control Room (PCR) where the news is edited and advertisements are added. Finally we were told about the vehicles known as ‘Outdoor Broadcasting Vans’ that are situated in many different locations and cities to collect news from everywhere. It was truly an incredible learning experience which I will never forget.

– Asees Kaur (7-A)

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