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Visit to Yamuna

14 February 2013

On Wednesday during our Life Skills class Ms. Datta showed us a PowerPoint on the river Yamuna. It mentioned all the details such as origin of the river, its the length, the amount flowing in Delhi and where it meets River Ganga. Also we were told about how we pollute it and many thousands of crores were spent by the government to find a solution to the problem of the over-polluted Yamuna but interestingly the amount of money spent did not make a difference as we keep adding Sewage!

It was decided that the next day we would be going to Yamuna as heavy rainfall was predicted on Friday. We sat in the bus and it took us one-and a half hours to reach as there was a lot of Traffic. As we went over the Wazzirpur barrage, we saw the polluted Yamuna on one side and the so called clean one on the other. When we got off the bus at a point where Yamuna enters Delhi. Ms. Datta showed us the white birds in the river and we also noticed that fishing and a bit of farming was taking place due to the fertile soil around the river banks.

On our way back we smelt the bad smell of sewage and all the students were curious to see the source of the bad smell. We were told that we were near the Najafgarh nala . What we gathered from our trip was that the river is a very precious natural resource which we have taken for granted , dirtying it daily and thus have to find a solution to end this madness. The simplest solution we discussed to all this chaos, bad smell and pollution is to put sewage treatment plants all over the city!

Sehej Kaur

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