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AuthorScape 2021

17 September 2021

The annual Literature Festival ‘AuthorScape 2021’ was held online on the 17th September 2021, by the Library Council. Ten eminent authors shared insightful anecdotes about their experiences as writers and details of their wonderful books with the students from classes 3 to 12. Since it was for diverse year groups, the interactions were held simultaneously.  The entire school was abuzz with excitement throughout the day and it was an enriching experience for the Guest Speakers, Teachers and Students alike.

Details of the authors :

Bijal Vaccharajani – The former editor of Time Out Bengaluru, Sanctuary Asia and Pratham Books.

Deepa Agarwal -Author, poet and translator, received the N.C.E.R.T. National Award for Children’s Literature.

Namita Ghokale – A writer, publisher and festival director ,she is the author of various works of fiction and non-fiction. 

Dr Varsha Das -After retiring as the director of National Book Trust, she became  the director of the National Gandhi Museum.

Dr Ira Saxena -A child psychologist, writer, critic of children’s books that include adventure novels, short stories on themes ranging from computer crime to Gandhian thought and non-violence. 

Deepak Dalal – He gave up a career in Chemical Engineering to write stories for children.All his stories have a strong conservation theme.

Paro Anand – Honoured with the Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puraskar Award in 2017 for Wild Child and Other Stories.

Christopher Doyle – He pursued a career in the corporate world after graduating from St. Stephens College, Delhi .His books such as “The Mahabharata Quest” and “The Pataala Prophecy”are heavily inspired by ancient texts and verses.

Sanjeev Sanyal – A Rhodes Scholar and Eisenhower Fellow,he is also the author of several books including “The Indian Renaissance”,”Land of the Seven Rivers”, “The Ocean of Churn” .

Kaushik Deka – An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)., New Delhi and a Senior Associate Director with India Today.

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