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Talk by Dr. V. S. Ravindran

16 September 2021

Dr V S Ravindran a well known Psychologist, Child Counsellor and Teacher Trainer addressed all teachers in an online session. His talk ‘Return to School’ centred around mental health issues in a post pandemic time, when school returns to some form of normalcy. Dr Ravindran spoke about very practical aspects of mentoring students and some very useful techniques for teachers and adults to cope with their own stresses and fears.  As educators, our focus should be on re-establishing students’ social and emotional health, recognising signs of distress and timely intervention which is very crucial. He also mentioned that academic performance should not be our prime objective at this time. Dr Ravindran also emphasised on the mental well-being of teachers and adults. He offered very practical techniques on how to deal with problems that have compounded during and due to the pandemic. His message was – ‘Happy Teachers create Happy Children’.

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