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3 March 2013

40 students, accompanied by Mr. Trivedi and Mr. Gogoi set out from school on 3rd March 2013 at around 6:30 am in the morning not sure how the day would turn out. Our aim was to cycle to the Gurgaon Biodiversity park, and educate ourselves about the flora and fauna of the area. Though the trip was long and perilous (a group of us got lost and had to cycle almost 3 km etc!), when we finally reached, it was worth it. The park was beautiful, and in good condition and all of us began to explore.

Mrs. Krishnan and Mr. Trivedi led us on a trek to a temple in the park itself, and all of us had fun traversing the rocky ground and finding our own respective paths.

When we got back, we were excited to see that Gajinder Bhaiya had prepared Maggi for us which we ate thankfully. Soon it was time to cycle back, and though many were quite tired we still made it back to school in good time. I think it was a great learning experience that challenged us physically but opened us up to a new experience.

– Mrudang Mathur, 12

We are grateful to our alumni, Ishaan Gupta (Class of 2006), Medha Vira Gupta (Class of 2009) and Samvid Gupta (Class of 2010) for their generous support in creating the website.