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Visit to IARI

7 March 2013


We city dwellers have always had this misconception that farmers are ‘backward’, ‘poor’ or even oblivious to the ever changing world. But this trip to the ‘Pusa Krishi Mela’ really opened our eyes! First, we realised that the farmers are actually as tuned to technology as much as we are. From laser –land levellers, to insects which got rid of pests better than any pesticide that money can buy, to genetically-modified carrots named ‘Napoleon’( ring any bells?) farmers are becoming more and more self-sufficient by each day.

This fair, was a way to educate and empower farmers about different, efficient, and more productive techniques to farming. We learnt about the different types of machinery, techniques and various ways farmers try to bring food to our plate. Each stall had some fragment of knowledge to offer, and we ransacked each stall for their pamphlets leaving them bare and empty! But hey, how often do you get to see abundance of colour in only one flower? (We actually saw a flower which smelt and looked like a rose but it wasn’t one!)

We saw how technology and advancements have improved and have matched the growing needs of today’s world. Packed with more nutrients and proteins each ‘vegetable sure packed a punch’! At the end of the enriching morning, a soothing drink of ‘panchamitra’ (a drink which contains carrot, beetroot and amla, did you ever imagine?) At the entire class 9 shouted ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’! We came back to school with a lot to share!

Arjun Chakladar Class 9

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