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Science 20 School Engagement Programme

26 May 2023

Theme: ‘Disruptive Science for Sustainable Development’

A truly momentous occasion for us, with over 600 students from over 30 schools attending, students from Vasant Valley too had an opportunity to attend this prestigious event. After a lengthy bus ride to Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad, students were enriched with a series of intriguing lectures and discussions from accomplished scientists, with the keynote speech from G20 Sherpa Mr. Amitabh Kant and INSA president Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, chair and co-chair of the S20 summit. The theme chosen by India for the Science 20 Summit is ‘Disruptive Science for sustainable development’, a theme that has been divided into three sustainable development goals; “Clean energy for greener future”, “Universal holistic health” and “Science for society and culture”. Other famed and brilliant scientists imparted valuable knowledge in their respective field of expertise such as Prof. Narinder Kumar Mehra, the man who popularized transplants in India. Overall, the event was a perfect mixture of learning and enjoyment.

We are grateful to our alumni, Ishaan Gupta (Class of 2006), Medha Vira Gupta (Class of 2009) and Samvid Gupta (Class of 2010) for their generous support in creating the website.