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Talk on Conservation of Wildlife in the Central Indian Landscape for Classes 3-8

24 November 2021

On 25th November, the children of classes 3-8 gathered for an exciting talk, by Mr. Suyash Keshari. Mr. Keshari is a Wildlife Presenter, Filmmaker & Conservationist. He spoke about the diverse flora and fauna of Central India, especially about Bandhavgarh National Park. He has been passionate about wildlife since early childhood, and disapproves of Zoos and conducted a discussion on the importance of natural preservation.

Mr. Keshari began by showing us a clip of the jungle, full of crooning animals and majestic creatures. His photographs not only captured the essence of these creatures, but seized the undulating light patterns, pellucid leaves, and twig-sprinkled ground of the jungle. Then, he displayed the tiger. It seemed to claim authority, with blue-green eyes and a lean body. He showed us clips of many different tigers, all taken by himself. He retold exploits of the wilderness, adventures of captured tigers and other wild cats. Everyone in the meeting room convulsed, sad to see such a magnificent creature imprisoned.

However, the tigers weren’t the only attraction. Mr Keshari had managed to create photographs of the placid caterpillars and faintly-traced butterflies of the forest, and showed us the inimitable cornucopia of useful flora, from drinkable sap to edible mushrooms.

At the end, there was a question-answer session, where children eagerly resolved their doubts and narrated personal experiences of a similar kind. The final feeling was of expectations and determination, for we all felt it was now our duty, more so than ever, to protect the Indian wildlife. The lasting impact of the intimate secrets of wild paradise will stay with us forever.

By – Kaavya Mukherjee Saha – 8A

We are grateful to our alumni, Ishaan Gupta (Class of 2006), Medha Vira Gupta (Class of 2009) and Samvid Gupta (Class of 2010) for their generous support in creating the website.