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Vasant Valley School Speakers’ Forum 2024

14 February 2024

Vasant Valley School Speakers’ Forum was held on Wednesday 14th February, 2024. The eighth edition of Vasant Valley School Speakers’ Forum witnessed an impressive confluence of readers, budding debaters, poets and storytellers. It served as an excellent platform for these young minds to further nurture and showcase their creativity and expression.

With events competitive and non-competitive, ranging from interesting book discussions to exciting Katha Vachan and Slam Poetry sessions, where words flowed effortlessly, it was an eventful day full of fun filled memories. With class 9 as the organising committee, the venues were decorated in harmony with the events’ themes fostering a conducive atmosphere for all speakers.
A total of 18 schools participated in the occasion from all over Delhi NCR making the Speakers’ Forum the ultimate amalgamation of diverse perspectives and voices. The exhilarating day celebrated the joy of self-expression, creating a lasting impression on all who were a part of the event.

-Ameerah Sandeep Gulati 9 C

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