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Class 3 – Bull’s Camp Pahadi , Damdamma, Sohna Road(Haryana)

12 March 2018 - 16 March 2018
Class 3 – Bull’s Camp Pahadi , Damdamma, Sohna Road(Haryana)
12TH- 14TH March 2018
I went to Bulls camp Pahadi Damdama Lake, Sohna road, Gurugram. We left school on 12th of March at 7: 3 0 a.m. I sat on my seat with my friend Kartikey and after sometime we opened our tuck boxes and had our goodies. We reached our camp in about two hours. Soon after we reached the camp we were allotted our tents. I was given tent number 14 and I was happy because my good friends Kartikey and Arjun were sharing my tent with me. I played catch and catch with my friends and soon it was time for lunch. All the fun activities started and we were divided into groups and my group’s name was ‘The 17 Kukdukoos’. We were supposed to make a poster depicting our group and as it turned out we were the most non creative in our entire batchǃ After that we drank hot chocolate and had dinner and enjoyed ourselves around a bonfire. We finally went into our tents and some of us narrated scary stories to the others which kept us awake for quite a long time.
Since we hadn’t slept well we were exhausted when we woke up the next morning. After a sumptuous breakfast we went to a nearby village where we met some school children with whom we played games. A school teacher told us a story. Once we returned to our camp we had a surprise waiting for us, which was rain dancing and we really enjoyed ourselves. After lunch we visited a farm where we learnt about crops, cow dung which had dried and we even got to touch it, though I didn’t. In the evening we celebrated the birthdays of three of my friends and got sweets. At last we ate dinner and cake and saw a movie on snow leopards.
The next day we went for a trek in the morning, to the dried bed of the Damdama lake and later had breakfast. My tent mates and I presented a talent show in which we did riddles and jokes. After that we finished lunch and headed back to school.
I loved my first adventure camp to the Bulls camp Pahadi and look forward to many such camps with my school and friends.
Anant Aggarwal III – B

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